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Sneak Peek:  Player Testing Day With Tommy Jacobs and Roger Fredericks

Until our blog about the player testing we did with Tommy and Roger get posted, we did a fun little teaser trailer featuring Tommy, Roger and “The Big C” – enjoy 🙂


Latest Article: TBAR with Zone Flex Characterization – Part 6

In TBAR Part 5, we discussed that one of the major problems in the golf shaft industry is that the standard flex range is dynamically much larger and in many cases overlaps corresponding flexes. This is why…Read more

Cyclic Fatigue Testing Machine

TBAR Part 5 – Incorporating Cyclic Fatigue Testing

Part 4 ended with the discussion concerning lightweight shafts;

specifically the effects of the measurement equipment in reference to failing the shafts internal wall structure at the tip and/or butt section. The task at this point was to ensure that all shafts…Read more

Latest News: Penley Golf Shafts congratulates Penley Long Drive Staffer Scott Smith for finishing second in the 2015 Worlds Long Drive Championship Finals Senior Division

October 15, 2015 – Penley Golf Shafts congratulates Penley Long Drive Staffer Scott Smith for finishing second in the 2015 Worlds Long Drive Championship Finals Senior Division. Scott Smith, who set the World Long Drive Record for 539 yards playing Penley …Read more

Computer Design Program/CAD Shaft   Big 'C' crunching numbers
Laminate Schedule – TBAR Part 4

Part 3 of TBAR’s series ‘Measurement and Method Of‘’ described the analysis and design solution process required to produce the empirical data to support the “TBAR hypothesis. The next phase was to correlate the composite materials and geometric profiles to test for a more accurate and defined “TBAR” envelope…. Read More…

Digital Flex BoardMeasurement and Method – TBAR Part 3

All flex measurements whether static or dynamic, are measured from the butt section of a golf shaft, with little or no attention being paid to the tip section. The results most of the time, can yield golf clubs of similar shaft flex, torque, head weight and swing weight, yet these golf clubs will have different feel, shot trajectory and/or dispersion; leaving you with the question, “what happened?” and “why”?… Read More…

The Art of Golf Shaft Measurement – TBAR Part 2

TBAR- The Art of Golf Shaft Measurement Part 2

there are many variables that contribute to fitting a player, some of which are more

important than others: It is all a sea of grey. While no single measurement can define the total “performance aspect” of a golf shaft, I do believe there is a way to simplify and reduce the number of measurement variables…. Read More…


‘TBAR vs Kick Point’ – Part 1

I spend a great deal of time on design analysis, product development and testing. In my observations I have recognized in my opinion a basic flaw in the standard criteria of golf shafts, essentially in the method in which ‘flex’ and the much misunderstood term ‘kick point’ is measured and their relationship… Read more about TBAR here

Latest News:

Penley Shafts Introduces New QMIT Design & Manufacturing Process for Golf Shafts

Penley Shafts’ QMIT Shaft Building Process Yields Better Consistency, Control and Playability through a Proprietary Design Process that Revolutionizes Feel Read more…

Golf Legend Tommy Jacobs joins Penley’s Advisory Staff

Penley Golf Shafts has announced that legendary PGA Tour Player Tommy Jacobs has joined its Advisory Staff.  Read more…


Our quality golf shafts, through advance design, materials, and manufacturing processes, are made to the most exacting tolerances. The result is a golf shaft that yields a consistent flex time after time. A club maker can always depend on Penley to deliver a consistent, high quality product every time.

All new Penley golf shafts are primarily designed to create the optimum club for the player, including the Touring Pro. Our design yields a shaft with precision and control like no other, it avoids the compounding effect of a players’ miss-hit and offers more greens in regulation.

When you order an ‘S’ flex golf shaft (or any other desired golf shaft flex), you receive an ‘S’ flex not almost an ‘X’ or almost an ‘R’. All Penley shafts are designed, machined and spec’d as a specific defined shaft flex.

With the development of Penley’s new performance design & manufacturing processes such as the TBARTM (Tip to Butt Aspect Ratio) algorithm and ZONE FLEXTM Characterization, Penley golf shafts are a level above ALL others. We are considered by many top club makers and players as the highest performing and most exacting golf shafts available in the industry for distance, accuracy and consistency.

Carter Penley’s high quality golf shafts are known by Long Drive Championship players and PGA players worldwide.  Since  2010,  Penley had over 100 shafts in play and have placed in the following Tournaments using the ET2 and the Hybrid Heater2:

2nd place – Maycoba Classic

1 top 10 – Valero Texas Open

1 top 20 – Crown Plaza Invitational

2nd place – St. Jude Classic

1 top 20 – ATT

2 top 20’s – Cox Classic

1 top 20 – Wyndham Championship

1 top 20 – BMW Championship

1 5th place and 2 in the top 20’s – Viking Classic

1 top 20 – McGladery Classic

Great players such as John Daly (who won the Buick Invitational in ’04 using Penley), Lanny Wadkins, Bart Bryant, Joe Durant, Vijay Singh and many more have played Penley shafts.

Please visit our Products page for specs and information of our newest shafts available for purchase.

We are approved for Nike’s custom shaft upgrade (ET2 and Hybrid Heater2)  and  currently approved for the Titleist custom upgrade for Tour and consumers (ET2). 

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