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The ET2 shaft is an upgrade of the original ETA model Golf Shaft and was manufactured with “Feel”, “Control”, and “Distance” as the primary design drivers. All other parameters (Mechanical and Physical) compliment these three design criteria (refer to article “ETA” by Carter Penley).

The major challenge of the ET2 project was to design and manufacture a golf shaft that would counteract some or all of these player inconsistencies therefore allowing a player to improve their game and most importantly lower their score.

To accomplish this design application Carter Penley concentrated on player inconsistencies that generally affect control and distance. The result: The Penley ET2.

The ET2 is approved and available as a Custom Order upgrade through Nike Golf , and approved for Titleist custom upgrade for Tour and consumers.

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R 70g 46 0.335 0.600 4 YES
S 70g 46 0.335 0.600 3.5 YES
X 70g 46 0.335 0.600 2.9 YES


Kick Point: Mid/High

Ball Flight: Mid/Low


A player that plays a better than average game of golf and specifically are endeavoring to improve on ‘Distance’ and ‘Control’.


Suggested Flex Selection by Swing Speed:

R – Generally 80-95 mph. – slower tempo

S – Generally 96-105 mph. – mid tempo

X – Generally 106-115 mph. – fast tempo


Still have questions? Contact Us – We will be happy to help answer any questions you may have.


Made In The USA

Our shafts are designed, manufactured and built right here in San Diego, California. Carter Penley designs and oversees all manufacturing of Penley Shafts. You can be assured that each shaft designed by Carter Penley will always be the best, most consistent quality shaft you will ever purchase.



The TBAR (Tip to Butt Aspect Ratio) Algorithm is the determining flex factor, although we do apply some common flex range description to help players determine which golf shaft is best suited for their level of play. Note: Carter Penley developed specific Zone Flexes for the professional level player (PGA, LPGA, Long Drive and aspiring amateurs) and denotes those flexes as ‘Zone Flex Characterizations’.
Players of this level may want to contact the factory to determine if the production mid-range TBAR shaft is suitable for their specific swing.



All shafts are designed primarily to meet the Z1 (mid-range).

Penley’s Standard Flex Range – Z1

For those that need a a different, more specific tuned shaft for their needs (such as higher/lower launch), review the Zone Flex Characterization Chart or Contact Penley.

The ET2 is approved and available as a Custom Order upgrade through Nike Golf, and approved for Titleist custom upgrade for Tour and consumers.

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6 reviews for Penley ET2 Shaft

  1. Dan M

    Just wanted to update on on how things have been going since I put a ET2 X shaft on my R-7 head . I can say is WOW.
    With the Stiff Shaft* that came in my stock/off the rack R-7… I was hitting my drives on average about 250 yards. What frustrated me most about my R-7 driver was when I felt like I had just bombed a drive I would walk down the fairway and find my ball had only traveled between 230-250 yards.
    Since I have put the ET2 X shaft in my driver my driving average has increased by 40-50 Yards!! I am thrilled with the added yardage.
    My accuracy With this shaft is what has really changed my game.
    I have a dilemma now… Do I tell my playing partners about the ET2 shaft… and have them go get one and watch their game improve? Or do I keep it a secret and have a big advantage over them? Because I am so excited about how much this shaft has improved my distance and accuracy I want to tell the world… Keep up the great work of making products that improve my golf game.

  2. Chuck H

    Final verdict (and I’m a tough golf shaft critic here): LONGEST, STRAIGHTEST, SHAFT I’VE EVER HIT! Perfect driver shaft in every regard.

  3. Bob C (verified owner)

    I waited until I had more time with this shaft before making my review. I was having trouble at first with accuracy and I had no control with certain shafts including the ET2. I had it in an EPIC SZ head and when I finally got a chance to hit on a launch monitor I found out I only had between 800 and 1200 rpm of spin with the ET2. I put the shaft in the regular EPIC head and now my spin is between 1900 – 2200 and at 14 deg launch angle. On the course I had 2 great rounds with this shaft. It is very smooth and loads very consistent. It is similar to a White board or Ahina and it is low spin. I hit medium flat bombs with this shaft that have a lot of roll. This is the straightest shaft I have and I have a bucket full. The next nearest shaft is the Elements Platinum or the Rogue 125msi. The Platinum may be the longest by about 5 yards but it is almost 3/4 ” longer. It is counter balanced so I had to leave it longer for swing weight. So far I like the ET2 shaft as it is easy to load and very stable. I only missed 1 fairway in the last 2 rounds and that was a bad push. You can spend more money like I have and won’t get a better shaft. Also, the customer service is outstanding! I got to talk to Carter and he recommended a shaft profile for me. It seems to be spot on. And these are made in the good ole USA. I won’t be looking around or experimenting anymore as I will just order shafts from Penley.

  4. Ealdorman

    Well…I didn’t get 40-50 yards, but I did gain yardage. More importantly I gained accuracy. It is great to have a driver shaft that you can lean into without worrying about the shaft not handling the added torque. It is longer for sure. Buy it you won’t be disappointed.

  5. Jim Gilley (verified owner)

    I have only been able to hit a couple of practice balls in this cold and rainy weather. The club feels as if it has power behind it now. Can’t wait to get it on the course. The feel of the shaft during the swing and the ball off the club face felt so much better.

  6. Josh Ruark (verified owner)

    Finally was able to get out to the range to try the new Penley shaft. I have never hit my driver as consistently straight with a slight draw in all my 20yrs of golfing. Thank you so much for a great product.

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