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TBAR Part 6 – TBAR with Zone Flex Characterization

DSO Incorporating Cyclic Fatigue Testing – TBAR Part 5

Computer Design Program/CAD Shaft Laminate Schedule – TBAR Part 4

TBAR Part 3 – Measurement and Method

TBAR – The Art of Golf Shaft Measurement Part 2

TBAR vs Kick Point part 1

TBAR – An Introduction

Locating Spine

Long Drive Science

Golf Shaft Torque- How Much Really?

ETA – Energy Transfer Accelerance



Latest Article: TBAR with Zone Flex Characterization – Part 6

In TBAR Part 5, we discussed that one of the major problems in the golf shaft industry is that the standard flex range is dynamically much larger and in many cases overlaps corresponding flexes. This is why…Read more

Cyclic Fatigue Testing Machine

TBAR Part 5 – Incorporating Cyclic Fatigue Testing

Part 4 ended with the discussion concerning lightweight shafts;

specifically the effects of the measurement equipment in reference to failing the shafts internal wall structure at the tip and/or butt section. The task at this point was to ensure that all shafts…Read more

Computer Design Program/CAD Shaft Big 'C' crunching numbers
Laminate Schedule – TBAR Part 4

Part 3 of TBAR’s series ‘Measurement and Method Of‘’ described the analysis and design solution process required to produce the empirical data to support the “TBAR hypothesis. The next phase was to correlate the composite materials and geometric profiles to test for a more accurate and defined “TBAR” envelope…. Read More…

Digital Flex BoardMeasurement and Method – TBAR Part 3

All flex measurements whether static or dynamic, are measured from the butt section of a golf shaft, with little or no attention being paid to the tip section. The results most of the time, can yield golf clubs of similar shaft flex, torque, head weight and swing weight, yet these golf clubs will have different feel, shot trajectory and/or dispersion; leaving you with the question, “what happened?” and “why”?… Read More…

The Art of Golf Shaft Measurement – TBAR Part 2

TBAR- The Art of Golf Shaft Measurement Part 2

there are many variables that contribute to fitting a player, some of which are more

important than others: It is all a sea of grey. While no single measurement can define the total “performance aspect” of a golf shaft, I do believe there is a way to simplify and reduce the number of measurement variables…. Read More…


‘TBAR vs Kick Point’ – Part 1

I spend a great deal of time on design analysis, product development and testing. In my observations I have recognized in my opinion a basic flaw in the standard criteria of golf shafts, essentially in the method in which ‘flex’ and the much misunderstood term ‘kick point’ is measured and their relationship… Read more about TBAR here