Microphone Boom Poles by Loon Audio

Loon Audio Scorpion


Currently, Penley is an exclusive supplier of graphite tubes for Loon Audio.

Microphone Boom Pole by Loon Audio
Microphone Boom Pole by Loon Audio

New LoonBoom introduction coming at the first of the year. The ‘SCORPION’ series.

The SCORPION features:

    • Proprietary coating on all carbon components that offers a smooth yet firm grip that has a chemistry to absorb low frequency noise, static suppression, electrical insulation and offers extreme durability. Only .001 (one thousandth) thick


    • Very low light reflectance and easy care/maintenance.


    • Internal guide surfaces and collets have been upgraded to Hi-Tech engineered materials to improve smoothness of operation and compression rebound for longer life.


    • Improved internal cable noise suppression is now even better than before. The coiled cords now have a lower noise by manufacturing methods of the cable and the coiling process.


    • New universal XLR connector that eliminates one complete connector assembly while offering multiple exit strategies at the Base Mate. Takes the place of the Wing, straight and 90 degree exits all in one.


    • New compact 90 degree mic connector that is field repairable. Also offered as stand alone in 3, 4 , and 5 pin, male and female.


    • New design Iso-Rapid change suspension connector. Combines acoustic isolation, innovative rapid change system and cable tie.


For more information including pricing, please visit LoonAudio.com

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