Best Driver Shafts for 2010′ – Penley News

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Best Driver Shafts for 2010′ by Golf Gear Select Penley ET2 Overview/Technology First up is the Penley ET2, made by one of the most knowledgeable shaft makers in the business, The Godfather of Golf Shafts if you will, Carter Penley. Mr. Penley has reemerged with Penley Research and Development and his latest shaft, the ET2, […]


Penley ET2 Shaft Review by Golf Gear Select

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June 13, 2009 by Golf Gear Select Overview/Technology- Well, our first review of Penley – sorry to keep you waiting for one of the most prolific shafts on the market today. A take off from the ETA design, the Penley ET2 shaft has been under pain-staking scrutiny of the Penley Carter R&D group for the […]