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As seen in the June 2009 Golf Today Magazine article-


Carter Penley Returns


In 1997, Carter Penley sold a majority interest of his company ‘Power Sports Group, Inc’ to Sports Arenas, Inc a publicly held traded company. Carter Penley retained a minority interest (ownership) in the new entity ‘Penley Sports, LLC’ and held the position of V.P. of Engineering and Research & Development insuring that “Penley” would continue to prosper and benefit from Carter Penley’s ingenious, unique and advanced design theories.


In 2000, Penley Sports, LLC. moved to a new 40,000 sq. ft. facility and began full production of Carter Penley’s high quality custom golf shaft designs. During the next four years, Carter Penley successfully filed for four patents and developed a comprehensive marketing and sales program and Penley Sports, LLC began to grow rapidly at 20-30% and was successful in all venues and levels of golf, PGA (22 places 1st through 3rd in 2000-2002 alone), won the US Amateur, British Amateur and the NCAA Championship. 1st-3rd place in the US Open and 1st place in the Senior RE/Max World Long Drive Championship and also won the Canadian Long Drive along with the LDA Texas Shoot Out. 2003 continued to be a successful year on the Tour and company continued to grow at the same rapid rate.


In mid 2004, Sports Arenas, Inc. decided to get out of the golf shaft business. Carter Penley attempted to purchase ‘Penley Sports, LLC’ but was unsuccessful and after a year in mid 2005, Penley Sports, LLC. was sold. Carter Penley stayed on to effect for his current customers and friends a smooth and orderly transition of data and products. But unfortunately to no avail, Carter Penley removed himself from their facility and the result is known industry wide.


As of 2008, Carter Penley’s non-compete clause agreement expired allowing Carter Penley to resume his design, development and manufacturing of his well-known high quality golf shafts.




Carter Penley has reentered the market like the mythical rise of the phoenix from the ashes as an all new entity with a totally new product.


Carter Penley has been ahead of the curve from the beginning of his golf shaft design/ manufacturing business. His first designs concentrated on structured improvements to eliminate compressive failure of the golf shaft (a common problem that plagued the industry) specifically at the hosel area. These design improvements were looking to drive the golf ball farther and ultimately evolved into many regional and national long drive competition wins.


Long drives are still important to players and the game in general and now Carter Penley’s designs are incorporating accuracy and control that many times sacrificed for the longer drive. Carter Penley’s new ET2 has been successfully designed to deliver the long drives with the highest degree of accuracy and control for todays, yesterdays and tomorrows player.

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